God Eater 3 – Tips For Preparation Before A Mission

God Eater 3 big team

God Eater 3 is a pretty grueling game to play if you come unprepared before a mission. If you did not care to look into the specific details in it and brought the wrong type of items, then most probably it will be a long game or the worst case scenario: you fail and will have to try again. Here are some tips you can follow in order to avoid such predicaments.

As stated above, read the fine details of a mission in God Eater 3 can definitely save your characters’ lives and time. You get clues on what weapons to bring, what kind of element to choose from, what bullets to use, and what kind of items to carry. Remember, elemental weaknesses and sub-weapons can be very effective against Aragamis and can shorten the time battling against tough ones.

There are several kinds of melee weapons and guns to choose from and it is up to you if you stick to one or try all of the rest, but you should stick to at least two weapons. This way you can save up materials for upgrading or creating new weapons with the same type and focus on gaining experience for its burst abilities. Spreading all of your time for all weapons can be time consuming and can waste a lot of materials and game money in the process. Try out other weapons preferably after you have finished at least the whole story.

There are times that one mission will have multiple bosses or stages to go through. The good thing about this endurance type of mission is that the bosses have common elemental weaknesses, which will save you from making the tough decision of choosing. If there are different types of elemental weaknesses then you should bring a melee weapon for the tougher Aragami boss, while bring the proper elemental bullets for the easier one.

One of the most important items to bring is health potions in God Eater 3 missions, in case of an emergency. Sometimes your companions can’t heal you in time or they are incapacitated as well, which is now up to you to get back into the game. Do not depend on it most of the time though because you will use it all up right away carelessly. Always make it a habit to check your item pouch and buy potions before going into a mission.

In an ugly situation like getting surrounded by a lot of Aragami, you will need to get away without getting pummeled, which means you need a distraction. This is where the traps and stun grenades can help. The stun grenade can of course stun the Aragamis looking at you for a few seconds, which then allows you to escape and recuperate before fighting again. The traps can be very helpful for making agile or tough Aragamis stay in place, erode their armor, or poison them.

This can actually be a life-saver against elemental Aragamis. When you see the boss Aragamis on the mission, go back and research it on the database. You can see what element it uses, which can be a very important detail to use against it. Bringing the proper shield with a high defense against a certain element can lessen the damage you get from that Aragami. This can make the mission super easy and can be done quickly now because you will not have worry about getting knocked out too easily.

Use these simple tips to improve your ability to survive in the coming missions of God Eater 3. Read especially the first tip because it is the most important one. Also check out the review here.