God Eater 3 – How To Survive Difficult Situations And Missions

God Eater 3 camping

In God Eater 3, preparation is always the best way to survive and defeat enemies with little effort against tough opponents. There are certain missions that will be difficult and at that time you will need to tough it out until your team finally defeats the last enemy. Here are some tips you can follow in order to survive those tough missions and escape dire situations in order to fight another time.

Consumable items that can be accessed by pressing the touch button are actually indispensible in missions. These can help you whenever you are in dangerous circumstances like being locked in between two large Aragamis, having a status problem, or anything that can make things difficult to survive.

Always use a stun grenade whenever you find yourself in need of escaping a really bad position. This will temporarily blind the Aragamis looking at you and lets you slip away undetected for a few seconds. Just remember not to attack the stunned or blind enemies or else they will resume their attacks on you.

In case of emergency, install a snare trap nearby you. It will temporarily paralyze your enemies thus letting you make a hasty retreat for a good heal. Again, do not attack them if you want to stay alive as you retreat or else they will come for you as their main targets. Let the other members of your team distract them for a while.

Always bring four types of healing items that can either fully heal your health bar or patch a bit of it just to survive. Never rush to hit your enemies especially if you have only ¼ of your life bar left. It has been proven that there are certain Aragamis that can deal a lot of damage that could go over half the life bar, so be careful.

When in melee mode in God Eater 3, always chomp or devour Aragamis to go into burst mode. Share your stocked bursts to others afterwards because they can become more powerful and help you defeat your enemies quickly. Never be selfish and share it to your teammates because it can be advantageous.

Bring companions that have these requirements: healing abilities, quick footed or high defenses, and a trapper. With these party members, your survivability rate will be higher than concentrating on certain characters only. You can also upgrade their abilities via the terminal and get the abilities needed for the requirements.

Just follow these tips for God Eater 3 missions, and it will be guaranteed that you can survive and escape hairy situations with ease. Check out the review here.