God Eater 3 Reveals New Characters, Story Info, And More

God Eater 3 big team

Game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment recently released some new information about God Eater 3 new characters, story information, and more.

God Eater 3 story info

The game is set in the God Eater universe where a mysterious calamity named Ash area has emerged. It has placed mankind into an unprecedented crisis and turns everything it touches into ash. This is also the reason why all of the Fenrir branches collapsed one after the other.

The rest of the population that survived is now living underground cities called ports. The higher-ups decided to create soldiers named Adaptive God Eaters or AGE to continue fighting against the Aragami on the surface. These soldiers have the innate resistance to the Ash Area.

Mobile fortresses

The ports then created the mobile fortresses that could withstand the Ash Area and they are called caravans. These caravans carry goods and information between each city. These are actually the only lifeline as all communication infrastructures have been destroyed.

The caravan has an armor that can keep the ashes out. It carries special radar that can gather information from the surrounding area, including the position of nearby aragami. The quality of that information will also depend on the abilities of the God Eater operating it.


The start of the story actually begins when the protagonist receives a distress call from one of the caravans while on a mission out of the Pennyworth port. This caravan is led by the ash trailer of the port Chrysanthemum. This excels at high-speed maneuvering and shifting mid-size cargo. The issue is that it has no weapons at all since they favored more on speed.

New characters

The Chrysanthemum ash trailer owner is called Irda Enriquez and is trying to transport a cargo ordered by the port of Gleipnir. This is also where the hero meets her. Amy Chrysanthemum is her mission operator and does a lot of tasks on the ash trailer. This includes order management, mission control, communication with ports and other caravans, and even database management.

There is also a mystery girl that seems to have an important role to the story. She has strange horns on her head and her background is unknown at the moment.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4. It will be available in Japan on Dec. 13 while the west will get it in 2019.