God Eater 3 – The Different Long Ranged Weapons To Use

God Eater 3 guns

There are missions in God Eater 3 that will not give you a preview of the next type of Aragami that you will face. This can be a problem if you are dependent with the melee weapons and its elemental strengths. To combat that problem, all you need to do is get proficient with using long range weapons and the elemental bullets you use in combat. There are four kinds of long range weapons: the Assault Guns, Shotgun, Sniper Guns, and the new Ray Guns. This guide will explain further the benefits and some downsides of each long range weapon, and its special abilities.

The Assault Guns can shoot bullets one at a time and it is the standard gun to use. It’s the best weapon for those who want to fire bullets at medium range: not getting in too close and not so far away. It’s enough to chip away the life bar of your enemy Aragamis. It also has a special ability that allows players to slide away to safety by pressing R1 + O.

The shotgun type is for players who love to spray a lot of bullets in front of their enemies. It is pretty effective for damaging all parts of the enemies especially if it’s a new one and you don’t have any idea where to concentrate your firepower on. Medium to long range is not preferable for this weapon since you need to be up close and personal for maximum damage. If you’re daring enough to face Aragamis head on, then this is the weapon for you. It has a special ability called Rush Fire that makes players charge towards an enemy and fires at close range in quick movement.

Sniper Guns are for those who want super long distances and flying opponents. There are only a few Aragamis that can fly though. Unlike the shotgun type, the sniper rifle can concentrate on one part of the Aragami’s body only so make sure you can hit it effectively. If they’re hit though, a large amount of damage can be dealt to them. This is preferable for players who like to do the supporting role. They can also use this as a way to heal their teammates with the healing opponent at safe distances. It has two special abilities, which are the Sniper Sight that allows adjustment of zoom and Stealth Field that removes you from the sight of enemies temporarily.

The Ray Guns are the newest types of long range weapons in God Eater 3 and can deal a lot of damage to enemies if properly used. It can be used at close and medium range and can concentrate on one part of the Aragami’s body for maximum damage. The benefit of using this weapon is its ability to steadily deal damage on one area until the bullets run dry. It also has special abilities, which are the Oracle Reserve that allows you to stock up Oracle Points and Overdrive that increases the damage of the ray beam after a few seconds.

Remember: only use and focus one type of long range weapon that you are comfortable with. Improve and upgrade that certain type so you can save up on materials. Check out the review here.