Fuga Sequel Title Of Little Tail Bronx Gets Gameplay Video

Fuga Gameplay Tank

Game developer CyberConnect2 recently released a gameplay video of upcoming video game Fuga, which is a followup title to Little Tail Bronx.

Fuga gets gameplay footage

This is a dramatic strategy RPG that follows the story of Little Tail Bronx, which was released way back. This actually celebrates the 20th anniversary of the game and tells the story of the children that were thrown into the chaos due to war.

Check out the overview below:

A game celebrating the Little Tail Bronx series’ 20th anniversary, where the fates of children are thrown into chaos by the sudden flames of war.

11 children will take control of a mysterious ancient weapon to fight against an evil army and save their imprisoned families.

Deal with the children’s emotions and move them inside the tank to overcome the trials in your way!

The Soul Cannon—a powerful weapon used by sacrificing one of the children—might force you to make a dire decision!

A dramatic, strategic RPG about friendship, grief, hope, and despair.

  • Berman Empire – An evil fascist warrior nation. Utilizing advanced technology in its weaponry, it plans to engulf the world with the ravages of war.
  • 11 Children – The lone survivors of an attack on their village. Now they head out in a gigantic tank to rescue their families who have been taken as prisoners by the Empire.
  • Giant Tank Taranis – An ultra weapon from an ancient civilization wrapped in a myriad of mysteries. Loaded on board is the ultimate weapon, the Soul Cannon, capable of being activated by sacrificing a crew member’s life. Taranis is a weapon of tremendous power, but at the same time a source of dread and fear for our young heroes.

The game will launch this coming fall. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the gameplay footage below: