Fortnite YouTuber Sued By Epic Games For Selling Cheats

Game developer Epic Games recently sued a popular Fortnite YouTuber after he was caught selling cheats of their video game.

Fortnite developer on the move

YouTuber Golden Modz is the one being sued by Epic Games after they found out of his scheme. He recently had over a million subscribers and gains a lot of views daily, which is amazing. The reason why he is that popular is due to his methods of exploiting games like Grand Theft Auto V and the popular battle royale video game. He even sold mods for these games on his personal website, which made the developers hop into action.

The YouTuber’s real name is Brandon Lucas and he is now sued for violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for his actions. Another YouTuber, Excentric aka Colton Conter, was also added to the lawsuit due to his participation in Lucas’ videos. Lucas actually pleaded innocent because he thinks there are similar videos being made by other YouTubers. The developers countered that they are already making some progress in removing this kind of content from the website. If they are successful with this case, they will ask for profits made by these mods and also costs from the case.

Epic Games is firm of their belief that there will be no cheating in their game. Since the holiday season is fast approaching, they are going to make sure that their game is safe and secure for everyone to enjoy.

Source: GameRant