Fortnite Season 8 Week 2 Challenges Details Revealed

Fortnite cannon

Popular battle royale video game Fortnite will be getting its Season 8 week 2 challenges and the details were revealed earlier from a certain leak.

Fortnite Season 8 week 2 challenges details

The theme for the upcoming week 2 challenges is revealed to be still the same, which is about pirates. This will allow players to earn extra Battle Pass tiers. This is still a leak coming from Reddit, but most of them came true anyways. Check them out below.

Season 8 week 2 challenges details:

  • Deal damage to falling supply drops

This challenge is easier to complete these days, since Supply Drop locations now show up on the map as they’re falling. It’s easier to last until Supply Drops appear late in the game in a lot of the LTM modes, so if you’re struggling, try there.

  • Deal damage to opponents with a Pirate Cannon

This challenge might take a few tries, since the cannonballs are slow and unwieldy. Your best bet is to land at one of the pirate cannon locations at the Pirate Camps around the map. The one to the south of the Volcano is busy at the moment because it’s a new area.

  • Eliminations in Salty Springs or Haunted Hills

Try landing at these areas when the Battle Bus flies closely past them at the start of the match. That way you’re more likely to run into people dropping in there.

  • Search a chest in different named locations in a single match

The exact locations of this aren’t confirmed at the moment, so check back once the challenge drops.

  • Gain health from Apples and Med Kits

Apples are easily found at Lonely Lodge, which is also a good place to find Med Kits from chests and floor spawns. You’ll have to lose some health first to be able to gain some from the healing items, so try jumping off somewhere high – like the Lonely Lodge tower – before you do.

  • Land at: The Block, Dusty Divot, Polar Peak, Snobby Shores, Paradise Palms

This is straightforward to do over five matches, and can be completed across Solo, Duos, Squads, and LTMs.

  • Visit the furthest North, South, East, and West points of the island

We’ll put a full guide of where you need to head for this one, which will be easiest to do at the start of four different matches.

The game is already available on PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit