Fortnite Creators Compensates Players With Free Glider After Event

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Game company Epic Games recently announced that it will be compensating players of popular battle royale Fortnite after a certain event.

Fortnite compensation details

The Unvaulted event happened this weekend, but not all players were able to join in the festivities. To make it up for their fans, Epic decided they would compensate everyone with a free glider

The event happened at Loot Lake, which was kind of bizarre as all events of this game were. Speculators did predict that this would give everyone the chance to vote on a weapon or item back from the vault.

Epic is now working on releasing the replay files of the event since there were some players who did not witness the Unvaulting event. They also apologized for technical issues, which resulted for some players to unable to get in. The Arcana Glider will be given away for free as compensation. Anyone who got the glider by purchasing with V-Bucks will get a refund.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.