For Honor New Expansion Marching Fire Launches With New Heroes

For Honor Wu Lin

Game publisher Ubisoft recently launched the new expansion of For Honor titled Marching Fire introducing new heroes.

For Honor releases Marching Fire

The new expansion will include the new Wu Lin faction, which will include four new playable heroes. There will new game does, features, and a complete graphical overhaul as well. This is a big change for the video game in the hopes of gaining more players again.

This new expansion and its contents will be free to all current owners of the video game. It will unlock the Wu Lin warriors when they launch it after the big update. Players will gain access to the new Arcade Mode, which is like a battlefield simulation that is completely PvE. It can also be played together with friends and other players. It will grant them reputations for characters as well.

A new PvP match called Breach will be available too. This will allow players to take turns in defending and assaulting a castle.

Visual improvements

The new update will improve the in-game textures and a newly redesigned lighting system. Players who played this game before and will come back after this update might not notice it right away. The changes that can be noticed right away are the changes to the UI and team voice chat.

New Chinese characters

The four new heroes are Tiandi who wields the Dao blade, the Shaolin that uses a staff and their bare fists, the Jiang Jun that carries a guandao, and the Nuxia that uses hook swords. They will be available right away for game owners, but it will be available two weeks later for 15,000 steel each if they are not.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below: