Final Fantasy XIV Celebrates The Holidays With Starlight Celebration

Final Fantasy XIV group pic

Popular online multiplayer Final Fantasy XIV celebrates the holiday season with its own event, which is the Starlight Celebration.

Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration 2018 details

This year’s Starlight Celebration will end until Dec. 31 with tons of festive events for all players to take part in. To have that festive spirit, the world was transformed into a land of lights and snow. There are events that relate to the celebration like how the Ishgardian choir gets into trouble, which is now a task for the players to rescue them.

This holiday season event will reward players with event-only loot. Players will have to join the choir and make sure the performance goes well without getting into trouble. Aside from loot, players will get an exclusive costume after getting the job done. The quests gifts include a hat, robe, and shoes.

Check out the other items that can be looted:

  • Silver Starlight Sentinel – decorate your home with this noble conifer.
  • Starlight Donuts – festive tabletop treats, because nothing says celebration like a food coma.
  • Evercold Starlight Snowman – a frozen friend that won’t melt away to decorate your home with.
  • Opened Twinkleboxes – The detritus of many happy Starlight Celebration surprises.
  • Starlight, Starbright Orchestrion Roll – to help you feel festive all the year round.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4. A new trailer will be revealed on Dec. 21, which might introduce some new information about the Blue Mage.