Final Fantasy VIII Remastered New Customization Features Revealed

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered title

Game company Square Enix recently revealed some new information about the upcoming video game remaster Final Fantasy VIII Remastered for the current generation consoles.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered gets triple speed and more

The upcoming remaster will have several new features to make the game progression easier for the recent generation fans, and more customizable. Series producer Yoshinori Kitase revealed the details in a recent interview the upcoming features coming to the PlayStation 4 version. These features are triple speed, battle enhancements like max HP and ATB gauge, special moves always available, and no random encounters.

On the flipside, the PC version will have some exclusive features. These are acquire all items, abilities, special moves and Triple Triad cards, max GF level, Gil and magic, and highly customizable system settings. These were made clear by the producer that only the PC version will have this. Hopefully a more detailed explanation will be revealed later on.

The game will launch this year on PS4. It will have updated character models and graphics.