Fate/Extella Link Reveals New Characters Tamamo, Archer In Trailer

Fate/Extella Link Tamamo

Game publisher XSEED Games and developer Marvelous recently revealed that two new characters will be joining the roster of upcoming action video game Fate/Extella Link.

Fate/Extella Link gains two characters

The two new characters that will be joining the action video game will be Tamamo no Mae and Archer. These two characters are popular amongst the fans of the anime franchise and will certainly be a great addition to the game. Two new trailers show the gameplay of these characters.

Tamamo no Mae gameplay

Tamamo is in her Caster form, which allows players to play as a magic-wielding character. She is particularly fast in movement with quick dives and dodges. Her magic is particularly flashy and crazy and the same time. It has tornadoes and slashes that can be unleashed at any time, which can easily clear out a large group of enemies. The game particularly almost has the same combat as Dynasty Warriors.

The Noble Phantasm Amaterasu is Tamamo’s companion in this game and can be summoned as a giant flaming orb. She can throw down that orb at her enemies with ease. The cinematic is quite flashy as well thanks to its update visuals.

Archer combat

The other new character is Archer or as he is called Nameless in this game. He is in his white hair and red cloak form. He uses his signature blades to fight against numerous enemies in front of him with speed and power. His Noble Phantasm is the Unlimited Blade Works and has the same animation with the anime, which featured giant gears and blades all over the battlefield.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It will be available sometime in March.