Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition Nylon Bag Controversy Addressed

Game company Bethesda recently addressed the issues surrounding the Fallout 76 Collector’s Edition called the Power Armor Edition and is duffel bag.

Fallout 76 addresses criticisms

Following the controversy behind the Power Armor Edition, several fans via Reddit and social media revealed that the actual duffel bag carrying case for the Power Armor Helmet was actually not was advertised. A lot of the buyers were disappointed with the change of material, which was instead of canvas is now nylon.

The whole Power Armor edition costs $199, which is a lot of money to waste. One user posted that the response he got from Bethesda’s customer service team admitted that they really switched from canvas to nylon during production due to unavailability of materials. It was more likely that the original material was too expensive to acquire and had to shift materials in order to compensate for the numerous orders.

After several fan complaints, Bethesda finally made a statement on Twitter. The company understands and respects that there is disappointment from the fans with the quality of the bag material. To compensate, the players could file a support ticket and will be granted 500 atoms to use on in-game items.

The apology and compensation backfired quickly since 500 atoms, if converted, is just actually $5. The fans are already crying foul. Check out some of the responses by the fans after Bethesda posted this tweet:

And my personal favorite:


The game, if you are still interested, is now available on PlayStation 4.

Source: Twitter