Fallout 76 Factions Get Revealed Including Popular Ones

Game company Bethesda Softworks LLC recently revealed some new information about the upcoming online open-world video game Fallout 76 featuring factions.

Fallout 76 factions

The game’s official twitter account announced the five factions that players can join in when they play the game. Three of these factions are familiar already like the Brotherhood of Steel, Raiders, and the Enclave. Two new factions are also available, which are the Free States and the Responders.

The Brotherhood of Steel

The Brotherhood of Steel, formed by Captain Roger Maxson in November 2077 in a “Californian bunker of Lost Hills,” used a satellite to help spread their reach, and that influence and message made its way all the way to West Virginia.

Fallout 76 The Brotherhood of Steel

The Enclave

The Enclave was formed as, “just before the bombs fell, US leadership re-located to a remote Oil Rig off the coast of San Francisco.” Their mission is to reclaim control of America from strategic positions around the country, including one that is “hidden somewhere deep in Appalachia.”

Fallout 76 The Enclave

The Raiders

The Raiders have been the “scourge of the wasteland” since shortly after the bombs devastated our world. Rose, their “enigmatic leader,” has a mysterious past and it raises the question of what she “hopes to gain, as she watches the carnage from her roost on the Top of the World.”

Fallout 76 The Raiders

The Responders

The Responders are a group of “brave fire fighters, police officers and medical professionals who selflessly served their communities.” They roam the wasteland with one mission – “help each other…no matter the cost.”

Fallout 76 The Responders

The Free States

The Free States knew (or claimed to know) that the day of a nuclear war was imminent and they were prepared when it actually arrived. These “doomsday preppers” survived the bombs, well, “at least for a while…”

Fallout 76 The Free States

The game will launch on Nov. 14. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Source: IGN, Official Twitter