Fallout 76 New Trailer Features How To Find Atomic Weapons

Fallout 76 nuke codes

Game developer Bethesda Softworks recently released a new trailer for upcoming online multiplayer video game Fallout 76 focusing on atomic warfare.

Fallout 76 new trailer details

The new trailer is called Atomics for Peace, which means that it will talk about the use of atomic or nuclear weapons in the game. It still uses the Pip-boy art style, just like the previous had. It shows players how they can use the nuclear weapons in order to fight back against groups of enemies and mutated wildlife while creating a new location with tons of awesome loot. It actually shows some of the gameplay footage that was shown at the recently concluded E3 2018 event.

The trailer showcases how players will meet up with enemies that will hold pieces of launch codes for nuclear missiles. These will be difficult enemies to defeat, but if they are successful, they will have the chance to equip their group with a nuclear weapon. They can either attempt to find all of them or they can just cooperate with other players so that they can combine the codes that they all found.

After finding all of the codes, players can now choose where to launch the nuclear weapon. The opponents who get killed by the weapon will not lose a lot besides some junk that is, if they saved their C.A.M.P. blueprint ahead of time. This will allow them to move their base in another area.

The nuclear weapons cannot be used for griefing, but they can be used to start up some rivalries by just displacing enemy bases. The missiles are also very important end-game weapons because it is the only want that they can get rare materials and summon high-level monsters like the Scorchbeast.

The game will launch on Nov. 14. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer here:

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