Evasion Coming To PlayStation VR With New Launch Trailer

Evasion VR

Game developer Archiact recently launched a new trailer for upcoming virtual reality video game Evasion.

Evasion to launch on PlayStation VR

The launch trailer for the upcoming VR game was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This is a new VR FPS game that has the same capabilities of FPS games like Borderlands and Doom, but in VR.

The game was actually revealed way back in October 2017. The setting is a science fiction future where players can pick from four classes to fight against waves of hostile enemies. The developers revealed some simple tips for players to follow while playing the game.

Tips from developers

Players will have to constantly move to avoid incoming bullets, make use of covers, and max out the energy level of their blasters. They also have to keep track of their health, maximize the volume so that they can hear the enemies before they can see them, and use a tether to heal and buff their friends. They should also match up classes for the best pair and use their special Surge Attack so that they can have an advantage against bosses and enemy fortifications.

The game will launch this coming Oct. 9. It will have a price tag of $39.99. It will be available on the PlayStation VR.

Check out the trailer below:

Source: PlayStation Blog