ESGS 2018 | Devil May Cry 5 – Hands-on Impressions

Devil May Cry 5 Nero

It’s been a long time since the last Devil May Cry game. And not a lot of classic Devil May Cry fans appreciate the previous installment for several reasons. But at last, we’re back on track with the new Devil May Cry 5. After testing it out, I have to say, I can see why many people were lining up to try it out for themselves at the Capcom booth.

Shame I couldn’t hear anything through the noise in the background… | Credits: Jem Sagcal

Gameplay-wise, those familiar with Devil May Cry 4 should be familiar with Nero’s moveset. Provided they haven’t already forgotten it after all these years since playing the game. There are a lot of new innovations though. Nero’s devil arm is no longer there and instead he takes a lesson from Venom Snake and has a metallic robot arm that is basically made for making killing look good. And I have to say, there’s a lot more functions to it than I originally had thought. You can electrocute enemies with it, bring them towards you, use them to still access some of Nero’s devil abilities, you can even ride it around like a skateboard, or use it to blow yourself away from harm’s way. If you’re feeling rather surrounded, you can blow it up for maximum damage but that destroys the arm completely and you have to pick up a new one.

Yes, you heard right. Nero can pick up metal robotic arms on the ground like he was doing community service. There are several different types of arms. Each one with a different function and Nero can switch them to take an each enemy differently. I’ve already mentioned what he can do from them up above.

No, Dante is not aiming a gun at my head. | Credits: Jem Sagcal

The entire game feels like a much welcome return to the world of Devil May Cry, a game which I thought would never see the light of day. It has some interesting monster designs and Nero comes back with a more light-hearted attitude in contrast to his serious and snarky one from the 4th installment. He’s more similar to Dante, although still maintains his own image.

Makes me wonder though, what happened to Kyrie?