Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Gets New Prowl Rider Class

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Prowler Class

Game publisher D3 Publisher recently revealed some new information on the upcoming video game Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain featuring a new class.

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain new class details

The new class that will be included in the upcoming title is called the Prowl Rider. It has two special abilities, which are powered by the E-Needle, and the G-L.I.A.R. equipment. This is a special type of class that is designed for the advanced players. It is a class that can quickly go around on the battlefield and can take control of the trademark giant insects.


There is a story behind the Prowl Rider actually. The class uses a new kind of PA-Gear, which came from the title and then completing a prototype developed by the Kindred Rebellion. This is a gear that is able to propel itself at high speeds with the use of the E-Needle. It is a wire-based tool that allows the suit to grapple terrain and yank itself forward. It also allows players to take control the giant creature’s bodies by using neural pulse waves.

Storm Ant

One of the monsters that can be controlled is the Storm Ant, which functions like a living tank. The G-L.I.A.R. tech is a black box, which could become a problem if it malfunctions.

The upcoming game will launch on PlayStation 4 in Japan. It will be available on April 25. Some later in the year, it will launch in North America and Europe.