EA Access on PS4 – Is It Worth Spending Your Money On?

EA Access + PS4

EA Access on PS4 just recently became available. For quite some time, EA Access has always been exclusive to the PC and as well as Microsoft’s Xbox One. While it isn’t on Nintendo’s hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch, EA Access has a couple of cool benefits that subscribers can take advantage of.

If you are wondering what benefits you can reap out of EA’s paid service, you will get:

  • 10% discount of all Electronic Arts published games like the iconic massive first-person shooter game Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront, FIFA, and many more.
  • Play released EA-published games whenever you want as long as you’re subscribed to the service and if it’s in their catalog. Take note that according to the EA Access page, the games featured playable will not “rotate out of the collection” unless if the servers of those titles have been permanently shut down. (similar to Xbox Game Pass and PS Now)
  • Early game trials. Pretty much like a demo, subscribers get to play the games for a limited time. Once you decide to purchase the game, anything you have progressed will be carried over.

Now, the top question would be: is it worth spending your cash for the said service? But before giving you interested PS4 owners solid advice, here are things that you should also know: there are two kinds of subscription modes that are currently on PlayStation Store:

  • 1 month for $4.99
  • 12 months for $29.99

Provided you understand what you’re getting from EA’s service, PS Now is not entirely different and it offers more than what EA Access has when it comes to the library of games you can download and play.

However, if the games you’re interested in EA’s library like Battlefield, Madden, FIFA, Star Wars, The Sims, Need for Speed, Titanfall, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and their indie-published then you can opt to choose the 1-month subscription as a safer purchase. With this option, if you’re not happy with the service then you can immediately stop the recurring renewal of the subscription.

Compared to the expensive price tag of PS Now (well, with its PS2 to PS4 catalogue of games, it’s worth it for a 3-month subscription, but the $99 yearly subscription is just too much), EA Access is a bang for the buck paid subscription option for those who love to play some greatest hits RPGs, simulations, and shooters. And you will have the chance to play games a few days (or even weeks early) with its trial periods to help you decide whether or not the upcoming game is worth your time. Provided that you can save $30 if you choose the 12-month subscription, the safest option will be the 1-month subscription so you can easily opt-out from the service.