Dynasty Warriors 9 Will Get Online Co-Op And More Features

Dynasty Warriors 9

Game publisher Koei Tecmo announced that beat ‘em up video game Dynasty Warriors 9 will have a new update that will add new game modes.

Dynasty Warriors 9 to get more modes

The upcoming update will introduce two new game modes, which are a split-screen co-op mode and an online co-op mode. Game producer Akihiro Suzuki and director Atsushi Miyauchi told a popular magazine publication about this in an exclusive interview.

The two executives explained that the co-op feature was actually planned to come with the game in the initial launch, but it was postponed. They could not fix the frame drop problems in time, which is why they had to delay its implementation. Since the game is now optimized and stable, the game will now have a single-player mode that will run at stable 60 FPS and at stable 30 FPS in split-screen co-op mode. For online co-op mode, the game will adapt to the player with the slowest FPS.

Digital demo coming

The game will also get a digital demo this coming Nov. 1 just like with Dead or Alive 5 with the version Last Round Core Fighters. The demo version will have 90 selectable officers and allows players to play the first part of the game. This will have game time of around four hours, according to Suzuki and Miyauchi. Online co-op feature is also feasible in this trial version of the game. They can also sell Character Scenarios from the main game for the trial version with prices about 200 to 400 Yen each.

There are no plans right now to add more characters via DLC. There will be new DLC costumes, weapons, and scenarios for half a year starting this November.

The game is already on PlayStation 4.The update will be live on Oct. 23.

Source: Famitsu