Dusk Diver Revealed To Launch On PlayStation 4 Worldwide

Dusk Diver fight

Taiwanese publisher JFi Games and developer JERA Game Studio recently announced that upcoming video game Dusk Diver will be launched on the Sony console.

Dusk Diver on PS4

This is an action game from a Taiwanese publisher and developer set in Taipei’s Ximending neighborhood. It will launch worldwide on PlayStation 4 this coming fall. It will have Japanese and Chinese voice-overs, and English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean subtitle options.

Check out the overview below:


Are you ready to unravel a solo adventure in Ximending…?

The first anime-style action game set in Ximending, the famous tourist spot in Taiwan. Create your own unique combat combos and immerse yourself into the demon-slaying experience in Ximending.

Dusk Diver is an anime-style 3D action game. You will be playing as an ordinary high school girl named Yang Yumo as she shuffles between the surface and inner worlds of Ximending, fighting against the demon invasions with guardians by her side.


  • Travel between the surface and the inner worlds to quietly protect the peace of Ximending – The game world consists of two dimensions. Players can explore the realistic Ximending street and its storylines, feast on the local cuisines to boost attributes, and engage in demon-slaying missions to protect Ximending.
  • Utilize diverse attack combinations, tons of moves and skills, and summon guardians to flight alongside – In the unique battle system, you can use light and heavy attacks to chain up various combat styles, and summon guardians and cast their ultimates when it’s time to eliminate your foes. Also, take advantage of each guardian’s traits to carry out the battle most effectively.

Key Features

  • Combat system that aligns the protagonist and guardians into battle – On top of the main character’s individual combat chains, players can fight alongside guardians to create jointly diverse combat!
  • Set in Ximending, Taiwan’s famous tourist spot, as if you’re actually there – The development team cooperated with many local merchants in order to fully reproduce the shops of Ximending to realistically create its streets in-game. Stroll through the game’s streetscapes and taste the local delicacies, which boost attributes.
  • Deluxe Japanese and Taiwanese voice-overs, interpreting the characteristics in depth – For closer interpretations, the game features famous Japanese and Taiwanese voice actors to voice over the characters. Voice-over language can be switched at any time during the game. Choose whichever one suits you best!

Official website here.