Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets Free Fall Update With New Trailer

Dragon Ball FighterZ Halloween costumes

Game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment recently released a new trailer of popular fighting video game Dragon Ball FighterZ featuring the free Fall Update.

Dragon Ball FighterZ new trailer

The latest trailer of the anime-based video game features its free content that comes with the Fall Update. It features a new stage, the seasonal Z Capsule loot, and some new ranks that can be achieved in Ranked matches.

Galactic Arena

The new stage that was added with the Fall Update was the Galactic Arena. It is an entirely unique stage to the video game. With this new stage, players can now display their FighterZ profiles on big screens just in the background of the stage, which looks cool.

Seasonal Z Capsules

Another inclusion was the Seasonal Z Capsules, which will be the first time that they will appear in the game. The first theme will be all about Halloween, which will let players get Z Capsules that will offer them custom lobby characters. It will also include character costumes with Halloween colors, and special Z Stamps.

New Online Rankings

The last new inclusion of the Fall Update is the new online rankings for players to fight for. There are several new ones to try out and some of them are quite familiar to the DBZ fans. More content will be coming soon.

The game is now available on the PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below: