Dragon Ball FighterZ Publishers Committed To Expand eSports Scene

Dragon Ball FighterZ Android

Game company Bandai Namco Entertainment recently announced that they are willing and committed to expand the eSports scene of popular action fighting video game Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Dragon Ball FighterZ scene to be expanded with new strategy

Bandai Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada recently made an announcement to assure the fans of the popular fighting game that the eSports tournament and community scene will be supported. They will also support other fighting games as well like Tekken 7 and SoulCalibur VI.

Harada will be leading this new strategy and announced his involvement in a new tweet post. He has become the leader and supervisor of the studios’ eSports Strategy team as of today. This will not impact his role as producers of the titles he is supporting though.

The team is already in the works with plans to include a strong roster of official and community tournaments in the coming years. Here is Harada’s statement below:

We are already planning to have as many official tournaments as possible for next year—while continue supporting tournaments held by the community. Furthermore, we are dedicated to figure out ways where we can assist tournaments and community activities in the future.

The game is already available on PlayStation 4.