DOOM New Video Celebrates 25 Years And Slayers Club Reveal

DOOM 25 Years

Game company Bethesda and developer id Software recently released a brand new video that celebrates the 25th anniversary of popular franchise DOOM.

DOOM celebrates 25 years

The new video features a look back of all the many awesome moments in the franchise from start to the latest one. The original DOOM was released back in 1993 with low visuals compared to the latest one, but it made a lot of fans happy and had fun. The footage features most of the gruesome demon kills that the titles could conjure and it has happened for nearly three decades already.

Slayers Club revealed

The DOOM Slayers Club is a new program that players could enjoy. It allows them to get free rewards, events, and other content that Bethesda provides. For those who have joined already, they will get the Zombie DOOM Slayer skin for DOOM Eternal when it launches.

DOOM Eternal will be launched on PlayStation 4. There is still no specific release window as of this moment.

Check out the trailer below: