Dogfighter: World War 2 Releases Launch Trailer With Release Date

Dogfighter: World War 2 battle royale

Game developer Iggymob recently released the launch trailer of upcoming multiplayer aircraft battle video game Dogfighter: World War 2.

Dogfighter: World War 2 to launch soon

The launch trailer of the upcoming multiplayer video game revealed the release date. Japan and Southeast Asia will get it this coming June 27.

The game will be free to download for the PlayStation 4, which will have a 40-player Battle Royale Mode. A paid physical edition is also available, which will include the game’s five-chapter Scenario Mode, a Limited Zero fighter plane skin, and 3,500 in-game points.

The western release of the game is planned as well, but no release date yet was announced.

Japan and Southeast Asia PlayStation Stores now offers the pre-registration.

Check out the trailer here: