Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Introduces Yuna To Roster

Dissidia Yuna

Game developer Team Ninja recently announced that popular action fighting video game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT has recruited another popular character from the series.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT gets Yuna

The newest character to enter the big stage of this video game is none other than the summoner from Final Fantasy X, Yuna. She will be joining the game officially sometime this coming December. She will have two costumes: the default version from Final Fantasy X and the wedding dress version, which looks gorgeous in this game.

Aside from the newest female character, the game will also receive a new stage called the Final Battlefield.

Check out the official description below:


Yuna utilizes an impressive array of magic abilities on the field and can summon Valefor to aid her in battle. A trustworthy companion, Valefor attacks or defends depending on Yuna’s status. In Final Fantasy X, she is the daughter of a High Summoner. While shouldering the expectations everyone has of her, she becomes a summoner and embarks on a pilgrimage with Tidus and her other guardians.


Created by the two gods who govern this world, this isolated space is the arena for the clash against their true enemy.

Free-to-play version coming soon

In other related news, the game will get a new free-to-play version in Japan. This will be the Free Edition and it will not feature the story mode. This will allow players to battle those who own the full game. Players will need a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to play this version. There is no word yet if it will come to the west.