Dissidia Final Fantasy NT To Get October Update With New Feature

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT logo

Game publisher Square Enix recently announced a new trailer of popular fighting video game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT focusing on a new feature.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT October update detailed

The latest trailer of the upcoming October update for the popular fighting video game focused more on the various arranged themes. These themes will be added to the game when the update is implemented.

The trailer shows some scenes for each theme and focused on the iconic scenes or fights that accompanied in its game of origin. Gamers with experience will definitely have a lot of nostalgia when they see these scenes. The trailer only played newly arranged versions of the themes, but the original versions will be included too.

The new update will also add several new characters like Finall Fantasy XI’s latest addition: Kam’lanaut.

The game is now available on the PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below: