Devil May Cry 5 Gets Censoring Of Certain Scenes On Western Version

Devil May Cry 5 Trish

Several players playing the newly released action video game Devil May Cry 5 noticed that some scenes were censored especially on nude scenes. Note: certain parts of the article has spoilers.

Devil May Cry 5 western version censored

Several gamers who tried out the video game recently posted on Twitter that they have discovered something quite unnerving for them. They revealed that several scenes were censored via lens flare. This happened after the new Day 1 update was launched and implemented. The curious thing was that the only platform that was affected was the PlayStation 4 and for region one. The odd part of this implementation was that before it was patched, it did not have any of the censorship.

NOTE: Twitter pic has spoilers.

What is more shocking is that the other platforms did not have any censorship at all and carried on with the naked butt scenes of Trish. This might have been due to PlayStation and Sony’s latest stance on nudity and suggestive content, which made other developers and publishers censor their games like XSeed Games for Senran Kagura Burst Re: Newal. Some even removed games or modes from version on the PS4 due to the wishes of the platform holder.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the comparison video here: