earth defense force: iron rain ants

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Reveals New Mode, Monster, And More

Game publisher D3 publisher recently released some new information about the upcoming video game Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain featuring new content. Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain new content The pu...[Read More]

Earth Defense Force 5 Mech x Kaiju fight

Earth Defense Force 5 – Review

Welcome to another (tortured) gaming review and this time around it’s the latest title of the EDF franchise: Earth Defense Force 5. My first impressions of the game were totally bad and I was ready to...[Read More]

3.2 Pathetic

Earth Defense Force 5

"An Action TPS featuring the furious battle between aliens from another planet and earth Defense Force (EDF). This game includes the series' best missions, arms, and weapons. Control four combatants a...[Read More]

3.2 Pathetic
Earth Defense Force 5 melee combat

Earth Defense Force 5 Pre-Orders For PS4 Deluxe Edition Available

Game publisher D3 Publisher recently revealed the pre-orders of Earth Defense Force 5, which are now available. Earth Defense Force 5 pre-order details Interested buyers of the standard edition and th...[Read More]

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