God Eater 3 Amen-Ra

God Eater 3 Update Version 1.20 Launches Soon With New Content

Game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment announced the upcoming new update for action RPG God Eater 3. God Eater 3 update 1.20 details The new update numbered 1.20 will launch on March 15. It will co...[Read More]

God Eater 3 guns

God Eater 3 – The Different Long Ranged Weapons To Use

There are missions in God Eater 3 that will not give you a preview of the next type of Aragami that you will face. This can be a problem if you are dependent with the melee weapons and its elemental s...[Read More]

God Eater 3 camping

God Eater 3 – How To Survive Difficult Situations And Missions

In God Eater 3, preparation is always the best way to survive and defeat enemies with little effort against tough opponents. There are certain missions that will be difficult and at that time you will...[Read More]

God Eater 3 fight

God Eater 3 – Tips On How To Effectively Defeat Aragamis

In every mission of God Eater 3, there one or two major Aragamis to fight and they can be very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Here are some tips and tricks to try out in order to eff...[Read More]

Fate/Extella Link Tamamo

Fate/Extella Link Reveals New Characters Tamamo, Archer In Trailer

Game publisher XSEED Games and developer Marvelous recently revealed that two new characters will be joining the roster of upcoming action video game Fate/Extella Link. Fate/Extella Link gains two cha...[Read More]

Fate/Extella Link Saber

Fate/EXTELLA Link To Launch In The West For PS4, PS Vita Next Year

Game publisher Xseed Games recently revealed that upcoming anime-based video game Fate/EXTELLA Link will be coming to the west in 2019. Fate/EXTELLA Link gets localization Xseed Games announced that t...[Read More]

God Eater 3 Lulu

God Eater 3 Gets New Information About New Heroine, Aragami, Bullet Editing

Game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment recently released some new information about upcoming JRPG sequel God Eater 3. God Eater 3 introduces new female character Bandai Namco Entertainment recently...[Read More]

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