Detroit: Become Human Becomes Fastest-Selling Game By Studio

Detroit: Become Human

Game developer Quantic Dream and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that very popular video game Detroit: Become Human has sold millions of copies since its launch.

Detroit: Become Human sells 2 million copies

Quantic Dream and Sony shared the news that their video game has sold over 2 million copies all over the world since it was launched way back in May. This is actually the fastest-selling title in the studio’s history, and the developers are proud of that fact. It was well received by the masses during its launch, which is no surprise anymore that it has got its success.

The game developer thanked the fans for making it such a success in a new tweet today on their official account. They also acknowledged PlayStation and the studio’s steam of developers for making this all possible.

The popular video game is already available on PlayStation 4.