Destiny 2 Character Transfers Not Allowed By Sony

A recent report revealed that PlayStation players were prevented from making a character transfer for popular video game Destiny 2.

Sony does not allow Destiny 2 character transfers

In a recent podcast by a certain publication, the journalist stated that game developer Bungie wanted players to transfer characters for their video game between systems. In a turn of events, Sony Interactive Entertainment would not allow the process. The gaming company wanted players to associate the Destiny series with the PS4 only, even if that meant it was to cause damage to their popularity.

The fans did not like this notion and took to popular website Reddit for their complaints.

Sony has been notorious about not allowing cross-play with other platforms and other cross-platform features. They only allowed only a few titles to have such features with their consoles.

Chief executive Kenichiro Yoshida revealed their reason for refusing cross-play in the past. He said that their way of thinking is that PlayStation is the best place to play.