Destiny 2: Forsaken Expansion Contents For PS4 Revealed

Destiny 2: Forsaken group

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment recently revealed some new information about what players can get with the Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion for the PlayStation 4.

Destiny 2: Forsaken Wavesplitter

Players who have exclusive access to the Forsaken expansion can get several new items in the popular video game. The first one is an Exotic weapon called the Wavesplitter, which is the same in-universe manufacturer as the Coldheart. This weapon allows players to fire an energy beam that builds in power as they hold down the trigger. They should check out the three levels of this power, which can be shown on a meter on the weapon. If they get an Orb of Light, it will stay on the highest power level, but only for a limited time.

New Strike mission

Another PS4 exclusive content is the Broodhold, which is a new Strike mission. This will be set in the Tangled shore and players will have to board a crashed Hive Tombship to fight against a lot of brood. In the end, they will have to fight the Hive Brood Queen. They have to be prepared though since she has the ability to swap between physical and shadow forms, which have different abilities in each.

Armor set and ship

The last group of items included is the PS4 exclusive armor set and the exclusive ship called the Great Beyond. The armor sets included are Thorium Holt, Red Moon Phantom, and the Mimetic Savior.

Check out the Broodhole Strike Gameplay video below

Source: PlayStation Blog