Déraciné Is FromSoftware’s First VR Game

VR is still in its early years, despite the platform being underutilized due to hardware limitations, developers are diving into the VR-space slowly. Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice studio, FromSoftware, and SIE Japan Studio, The Last Guardian studio, announced that their upcoming PlayStation VR game, their first VR game actually, Déraciné, is going to officially launch on November 6, 2018, for only USD $29.99 / PHP 1,649.

Déraciné means “wanderer”, “lost”, or “no roots” in French. This new VR adventure game takes the players in this warm and mysterious adventure story as a faerie “in a world of frozen time”. Players will be able to “interfere” with the timeline and “indirectly put together the story”.

  • Search the world of frozen time for clues scattered around the boarding school.
  • Use your whole body to interact with your surroundings and discover fragments of information, to uncover the mysteries.
  • Alter time, travel to different time periods, use special faerie power to grant ‘time’ to the children.
  • Piece the clues and information together to understand the children and their story.

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