Death Stranding Will Take A While Longer

Death Stranding Golden Mask

Many people from all around are excited for Death Stranding. Mostly because we want to find out what it’s even about. Although scheduled to release this 2019, Death Stranding may take a while longer. There is no scheduled release date for when the game will come out, but Hideo Kojima tweeted a statement.

The former director of Metal Gear Solid has once stated out in an interview that he no longer plays the games that he makes. This is because he only sees flaws in them that he would’ve liked to change. It does give us a peek of the perfectionist mind of Hideo Kojima. And it would explain why Death Stranding will “take a while.”

Since there are many promising games coming out this 2019, I can see why fans are understanding of the delay. It’s a good thing that everyone would much rather prefer a good quality game over a rushed product.