Death Stranding Recent Update Reveals Development Now Key Time

Game director Hideo Kojima recently gave some juicy information about the upcoming mysterious video game Death Stranding and its current development stage.

Death Stranding development update details

A few days ago, Kojima posted a new tweet that gave an interesting update of the game’s development progress. While the post is entirely Japanese, the translation suggested that the game right now has entered into a key time in its development. This is such good news for the fans waiting for this title to launch.

Kojima Productions communications manager Aki Saito did clarify some things in an English tweet he posted. He explained that the game is not in its debugging stage, but they are currently combing all the game elements formed in the development tools into the game.

Saito revealed the Kojima is play the game a lot and doing adjustments along the way. This is where he confirmed this is the key time in the development.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4. There is still no information on its specific release date.