Death Stranding Reveals Tomorrow Is In Your Hands Teaser Video

Game director Hideo Kojima once again released a new teaser video for upcoming video game Death Stranding, and it is still as mysterious as the others.

Death Stranding third teaser trailer

Kojima Productions has released a third teaser trailer called Tomorrow is in Your Hands, and it is still as mysterious as the previous two. The other teaser videos were Create the Rope and Help Us Reconnect.

The third trailer features the mysterious fetus in yellowish fluid. It opens its eyes and looks around then goes back to sleep. The caption is the name of the teaser trailer.

Livestream from PlayStation

There is also a livestream video from the PlayStation Twitch channel. It has the same mysterious vibe of the three teaser trailers, and has some weird, creepy noises and sounds playing in it. It sometimes has a man and a woman whispering. Check it here.

There will be more information later on May 29. The game is still in development for PlayStation 4.