Death Stranding Revealed By Kojima To The Division 2 Developers

Death Stranding mysterious man

Legend and popular game creator genius Hideo Kojima has welcomed another gaming studio to his home office and this time he showed Death Stranding to The Division 2 developers.

Death Stranding now shown off to The Division 2 developers

The latest individuals to get to see a sneak peek behind the latest creation of Hideo Kojima are the developers behind the upcoming video game sequel The Division 2. The only thing that they could say after seeing most of the development was timeless.

This was the recent tweet by Julain Gerighty, one of the people from Massive Entertainment. He included a picture of him with Hideo Kojima and the famous mascot of the studio. He thanked other developers who gave them support. He also thanked Kojima for welcoming his team to his new studio and showing off this mind-blowing game.

There is still no specific release date for the game, but he did announce that the development is taking longer than expected.