Death Stranding Story Spoilers Already In The Wild

Upcoming video game Death Stranding is already out for several select game reviewers out there right now, but somehow there are leaks of its story on the internet already.

Warning: Death Stranding story spoilers out in the wild

The ones who got the first copies of the upcoming video game are influencers and professional critics that will be reviewing it ahead of the rest of the world. Embargo of the review will lift on Nov. 1 and that should have been the case, but somehow there are story spoilers already and some gamers are already catching up on that.

When a game is available ahead of launch, there will always be a risk of spoilers from those who cannot control their urge to share. Some websites have already taken measures and put up threads for spoilers to warn their members. It is advised that those who do not want to be spoiled should be filtering their social media accounts and even on YouTube with the title of the game.

Reason for early lifting of review embargo

The reason why the upcoming game will have its review embargo lifted early is simple: game developer Kojima Productions and game publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment are fully confident in their product. They are expecting a lot of good reviews from the game critics perhaps. Gamers will have to wait when the reviewers give their opinions on this most anticipated game for this year.

The game will publicly launch on Nov. 8. It will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4.