Death Stranding Confirmed To Have First-Person View In Game

In a recent social media post by game director Hideo Kojima, he revealed that upcoming video game Death Stranding will have another feature to try out.

Death Stranding new perspective confirmed

Just recently, Kojima posted new information on his official Twitter account about the upcoming video game. He just revealed that players will be able to choose to view the game in first-person view as they go along the journey of reuniting the destroyed United Cities of America. He did clarify that this does not mean it can be classified as a first-person shooter.

Kojima stated that this game will introduce a new game genre. It adapts the concept of a strand and will be called an Action Game, Strand Game (Social Strand System).  No other information was shared unfortunately, but he could still reveal more as the release date is near.

The game will launch on Nov. 8. It will be available on PlayStation 4. After the release date, Titan Books will release an official art book titled The Art of Death Stranding.