Death Stranding BB Will Speak Through DualShock 4 Controller

Death Stranding Yellow translucent controller

Game creator and director Hideo Kojima recently revealed another feature for the upcoming video game Death Stranding, and it is related to the controllers.

Death Stranding character will speak via DS4

Kojima recently revealed that the upcoming video game will be utilizing the feature of the DualShock 4 that only a few games use: controller speakers. According to him, players will have the option to make use of the controller’s speaker since BB, the weird baby that Sam Bridges carries, will be heard through it.

In his recent tweet, it seemed to say that BB’s voice will be coming out via the translucent DS4 controller from the limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro. This could be a misinterpretation though since there is still no clear confirmation from the man himself. It is still possible that all DS4 controllers could utilize this feature when the game launches

The full game will launch on Nov. 8. It will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4.