Days Gone Photo Mode Launches Together On Release Date

Days Gone knife fight

Game developer Bend Studio recently revealed some interesting details on one particular feature that will be included together with the launch of upcoming video game Days Gone.

Days Gone gets photo mode on launch

Bend Studio revealed that the photo mode feature will be launched together with the video game. Just like any other first-party PlayStation 4 titles in the past, this mode will allow players to pause the game and take some awesome snapshots of the world and the characters. The best part is that this will not be part of an update, but it will be introduced right away on launch


There are several options that players can try out in this photo mode. There are nine custom frames, multiple different black frames, logo additions, 18 different preset filters. They can also adjust the focal distance, aperture, field of view, and so many more elements. Those who have experience with this mode will be familiar with these options.

Unlike the previous photo modes from other games, this game will have an Advanced Mode. This will allow players to adjust their final pictures with 55 different settings. The studio worked very closely to ensure that this photo mode would have the number of customization options that they would see in actual photo editing software.

The game will launch on April 26. It will be an exclusive game for the PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation Blog