Days Gone Update 1.05 Implemented With Tons Of Fixes

A brand new patch was recently released for zombie apocalyptic video game Days Gone that addresses tons of problems in it.

Days Gone update details

The latest update was released on PlayStation 4 on April 26. It addressed more issues with the game including stuttering framerate, bugs, glitches, and crashing issues. Surprisingly, this new update is rather small compared to the previous four, which is only 136 MB.

Check out the changelog below:

  • Added fixes for crashing issues with Days Gone version 1.05.
  • Added stuttering and lag fixes.
  • Days Gone 1.05 improved framerate drop issues.
  • Various performance and stability improvements.
  • Added fixes for glitches with Days Gone 1.05.
  • Added minor bug fixes and changes.

There is still an issue that this new update overlooked, and it is the audio glitches. This usually happens as environmental sounds gone silent. This actually makes a deadly problem for players because it turns Freakers into silent killers. Others complained that they could hear lines of dialogue in certain cutscenes and missions.

The game is already available on PS4. Check out our tips and tricks here.