Days Gone New Story Trailer Focuses On A Lot Of Feels

Days Gone Deacon

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment recently released a brand new story trailer for upcoming game developer Bend Studio’s open-world game Days Gone.

Days Gone emotional trailer revealed

The new trailer focuses on Deacon St. John revisiting the church where he married his wife Sarah Whitaker and having some flashbacks to their wedding day. After a few reminiscing, it was cut off as a gang of thugs burst through the church and ambushes the main character.

The trailer goes on but it goes from past to the present with Deacon in the church. The enemies are looking for him, but he does not see a problem to this. He actually clears out the ones outside the building and uses a sledgehammer on one of them.

The game will launch exclusively on PlayStation 4. It will be released on April 26.

Check out the trailer below: