Days Gone Dev Says A Horde Of 300 Freakers Is ‘Small’

Days Gone is one of Sony’s first-party PS4 titles to come out this year in April, with the Collector’s Edition announced, having another peek at some gameplay footage of the game is one sight to behold. In PAX South, IGN was able to get some footage and discussed how you can take on a small horde of zombies in the game tactically with Bend Studio’s Lead Open-World Designer, Eric Jensen.

The video looks phenomenal and scary too as you go up against 300 Freakers; the stealth mechanics work well in this situation where you have to lure zombies to traps in order for you to kill them and survive. What’s surprising is that Jensen said it’s a small horde. Does this mean we could get a chance to encounter 500 or even more zombies in Days Gone? Now that’s pushing the limits!

Days Gone is confirmed to launch on April 26, 2019, exclusively for PS4.

Source: YouTube