Daymare 1998 To Launch On PlayStation 4 Next Year

Daymare: 1998 gameplay teaser

Game developer Invader Studios recently announced that it will be partnering with another company Destructive Creations to finally launch Daymare 1998.

Daymare 1998 finally getting released

After a long while from the developers, Invader Studios has finally announced some new information about the third person survival shooter video game. Aside from publishing the game, Destructive Creations will be assisting the development team with in-game animations and cutscenes.

The game focuses on three characters with their own individual personalities. They will be involved in a town that gets super destructive with all of the zombies wreaking havoc in it. These three characters are Live, Raven, and Samuel.

There is no specific date for its release, but there is a window: second quarter of 2019. It will be launched on PlayStation 4.

Checkout the gameplay teaser here:

Check the official website here.