Darksiders III Reveals Introduction Trailer Revealing More Info

Darksiders III Fury shadow

Upcoming action adventure video game sequel Darksiders III gets a brand new introduction trailer that reveals some new information about the Apocalypse.

Darksiders III trailer reveals Apocalypse beginnings

The latest trailer of the upcoming sequel of the Darksiders series reveals the backstory behind the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse via the opening introduction cutscene. It talks about how a lot of scholars of both heaven and hell have been asking the same questions over and over again.

Among the scholars of both heaven and hell, this query is known as the Riddle of Sorrows. If sin is itself a part of the grand design, is not sin by definition divine? A question for the soldiers, the one particularly restless bunch kept a robust relationship to the topic.

The trailer revealed that the four horsemen were actually part of the Nephalem,a group of strong beings born from the conjugation of angels and demons. They were at constant war until the four betrayed them and swore allegiance to the Charred Council. In return, the council bestowed upon them unfathomable powers to end the conflict.

War, Strife, Fury, and Death were the Four Horsemen and in this iteration, players will control Fury and will hunt down and dispose the Seven Deadly Sins.

FURY is a mage, her form evolving throughout gameplay and with it, her powers and weaponry. FURY will traverse back and forth between environments, battling other-worldly creatures and unlocking puzzles while advancing the Darksiders story.

The game will launch on Nov.27. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the new trailer below: