Damnview: Built From Nothing Sandbox Game Revealed

Damnview: Built from Nothing announced

Game developer Brainwash Gang recently announced that they have a new video game in works and it is called Damnview: Built from Nothing.

Damnview: Built from Nothing details

The newest title developed by Brainwash Gang is a simulation sandbox game. It might have some anthropomorphic animal characters, but this game is quite the hardcore game. It symbolizes society in a hardened and decrepit way.

Game publisher Sindiecate Arts and Brainwash Gang said that the game examines occidental culture and its different social classes. Players will be able to explore different parts of the urban environment in the game and encounter a variety of characters of different statuses. The trailer actually reveals that the game will use a pixel art style with a fully interactive environment.

In this game, players will be living out their lives as their characters. They will take on different kinds of jobs and they will be provided with different options on how to survive and succeed in this dangerous and unfriendly city. They can actually try out different jobs like a taxi driver, run a laundry mat, or even go darker and deeper in the underground criminal world.

The game will launch next year. It will be available on the PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below: