Crystar PS4 Exclusive Gets New Info On Characters, Game Systems

Crystar Rei

Japanese game studio Furyu recently revealed new information about the upcoming RPG Crystar. It talks about the new characters and the game system.

Crystar new characters revealed

Furyu revealed two new characters for this upcoming RPG. The first one was Kuon, a mysterious girl that has similarities with the main character Rei. She is also voiced by Reina Kondou. Her role is to aid Rei in the game and ask her to collect Aletheia. This is a purer version of Ideas whereas the latter are the ones that she needs to collect for the dvils.

The next character to be introduced was Yuri Minano, voiced by Aimi Tanaka. She was a classmate of Rei one year before the game’s story. They met in Junior High School. She died in a bus traffic accident, which was the same thing that killed Sen Megumiba, another playable character in Rei’s party.

Game system

The Thought Equipment was detailed by Furyu. Rei and the other three party members can equip these items to make them stronger in battles. There are actually three different types of these times: Support Thought Equipment, Defensive Thought Equipment, and the Offensive Thought Equipment. Players can unlock these via various methods, but mostly it can be done by leveling up with Katharsis. It can be upgraded by using Thought Ore.

The game will be launched on October 18. It will be available on PlayStation 4 exclusively in Japan for now.