Conception Plus PS4 Exclusive JRPG Gets New Details

Conception Plus heroines

Game developer Spike Chunsoft recently revealed new information about the PlayStation 4 exclusive JRPG Conception Plus: Please Give Birth to My Child!

Conception Plus new information revealed

The game follows the story of Itsuki Yuge, which is voiced by Yuki Ono. After losing his parents at a young age, he now lives with his cousin and classmate called Mahiru. In a surprising turn, she calls for him to the school’s rooftop announcing that she might be pregnant. As soon as she finishes, they are enveloped in a light and teleported to the world of Granvania. They were summoned by its king and revealed that the world is menaced and only the Star Children, made from the union of an outsider and the Star Maidens can save it. So that they could return to their world, Itsuki takes on the role of the savior.

The game features 12 Star Maidens: Mahiru, Aly, Talua, Lilith and Lily, Luka, Femilna, Mirei, Leone, Suu, Falun, Colette, and Yuzuha. The developers confidently said that the game will have a lot of new content that will make it a fresh new experience for the players.

Conception Plus will launch exclusively on the PS4. It will be available in Winter 2019 in Japan. Currently there is no western release. There might be an Asian version with English text released after the initial one.

Check out the trailer below: